A little bit about corporate giant

Many young professionals, like you, have all the necessary education and technical skills to be a valuable asset to any company. What you may have discovered is that this alone is not enough to ensure success in modern organizations – there are many other skills in sales, leadership and management that you have to acquire, and quickly. Not every company provides the training for these skills, and those companies that do train their people may not invest in you until you have proven yourself worthy.

Corporate giant is here to assist you in gaining the skills you need as fast as possible. These carefully built apps are practical ‘how-to’ guides that will help you in your day-to-day activities – you carry the skills around with you as a ready reference at all times.

These apps have been built by world-class professionals with years of successful experience in business, who are passing on their knowledge and expertise in the form of these easy to use guides. You will learn all the tricks of the trade - how to impress people with your abilities, how to navigate the difficult meetings and encounters in business - from these proven ready references in the palm of your hand.

Corporate Giant is a research, ideas and skills distribution organization. We provide ideas for organizations wishing to improve people engagement, leadership, management and decision-making. If you have an idea for a Smartphone App, contact us and, together, we can make it happen.