Leadership is a complex concept that defies simple description.

It is part behavior, part state-of-mind, part intellect and part strength of character. So, how do you become a leader and develop your leadership skills?

With this app, you will have a professional guide in the palm of your hand that you can use every day. It includes:

  • What is required of a Leader
  • How to lead your team
  • How to earn the trust of your staff, colleagues and your boss
  • Making the transition from colleague to team leader
  • The concept of Vision and how to set direction among your group

This practical day-to-day guide to leadership will be your companion in becoming an effective leader.


Management is a discipline requiring special skills, like any other profession. But how do you acquire these skills without training and guidance?

iManage provides you with a practical management tool kit in the palm of your hand. Always ready for those difficult meetings, managing your boss, dealing with your colleagues and getting things done. These apps will help you in all the following situations, and many more:

  • Managing meetings
  • Motivating staff
  • Working with objectives
  • Delegation
  • Time management
  • Organization

A complete guide for the professional manager in the palm of your hand


Retail Sales is a demanding profession that requires a great many different skills. A good retailer will have product knowledge, design skills, persuasive ability and a way of dealing with people that is engaging and effective.

Your app contains all you need to guide you through the fascinating retail sales profession, it includes:

  • How to engage your customer
  • How to discover what customers want and need
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Tips for store layout and design
  • Training yourself to be better and better each day

iSell Retail provides you with all you need to build a great career in retail sales.


'Influencing others to make a decision in your favor'

What other profession requires the persuasive abilities of a barrister, the diagnostic power of a medic, the patience of a saint, the determination of a Great Leader and the charm of a gigolo?

Selling is a profession that requires a sharp mind, a good measure of resilience and great skill. I assume you have the first two and so we have written this app to help you with the third: to build your skills. It includes:

  • Prospecting guide
  • How to kick off a great sales call
  • Uncovering your customers’ needs
  • Matching your products and services to requirements
  • Making a strong and persuasive pitch

Your personal guide on how to sell, again and again.